Welcome to the inner circle. Allow me to pull you in and inspire you to be the blinding light that you were always destined to be. Gleaming and everlasting in a world that will do anything in its power to phase out your individuality. We are tested every day by our environment, and many succumb to its challenges, but you will not. You are a chief. Adversity will serve only to rile you up and seize what you work so hard to achieve. Power, respect, wealth, love, happiness. These and many other possibilities are open to you. You will see opportunities where others see pitfalls. You will outmanoeuvre and outlast anybody stupid enough to set themselves in your path. You will become the hunter in a society where everyone around you is trained to be the hunted. You will be fearless.

It is my aim to empower you to break free of the shackles binding you down, restricting your every movement in life. You will realise your full potential. Though, you must understand that many will be envious of you on this journey, and will seek to discourage you from continuing. They may ridicule you, or try to convince you that what you are doing is nothing but a waste of time. This is a distraction. One with the sole purpose of derailing you and holding you down so you remain at their level. They cannot succeed, so they do not want you to succeed either. You will prove them wrong.

Chiefs, it is our time today. Do not wait and hope for a chance tomorrow. It may never come. Learn to be proactive and resourceful now. You will be surprised with just how much you can do with the few tools that you have at your disposal once you put your mind to utilising them fully, and believe me when I say that I speak from experience. What experience? My autobiography is found in my lyrics, along with the myriad of tales of the people around me. Sometimes these stories may even be about you. I offer them to you for you to piece together and take what you need. Know that I will always be here for you, and that I am eager to hear your voices should you have anything to say to me. The input of my fellow chiefs is always welcome.

All the best and we’ll speak soon

— Shonasta