Is this for real? Here’s my debut EP

Chief – EP

How bad do you want it? How far are you willing to go? Do you have it in you to sacrifice what’s necessary? These are all questions I’ve asked myself these last few years. How do you go from acing the law curriculum at university to working dead end jobs back to back, and having just enough finances to cover you month to month? I dropped out of uni because I was enlightened through extra curricular study. I perceived the path that I was going down, and although it was agreeable, I wasn’t satisfied with a comfortable but boring life. I wanted more, and I was going to do everything in my power to get to where I wanted to be.

Over time I was able to save and move out from living with parents to my own place. Once there, I began to build a home recording studio piece by piece. I worked my job during the day and spent my time at night educating myself and developing my craft. Eventually it got to the point where I was capable of doing anything that I set my mind to. I had works in development and a plethora of new gems waiting to be produced. Life was sweet.

Then I lost everything.

The relationship I was in fell apart and I wasn’t able to cover the rent on my own. This meant dismantling the studio and locking all my equipment up in storage. I downsized to renting a place with a live-in landlady and the lack of space meant I couldn’t produce anymore. Everything was at a standstill and it made me feel like I was digging myself deeper and deeper into a hole.

Months pass and one evening I realise I haven’t seen my family in ages. “I should probably go visit,” I think to myself. I head over, and after catching up with them, my brother beckons me upstairs to “show me something.” We creep up, and once we’re comfortably in his room, he starts playing me all these beats he’s been working on. I’m more than impressed. Not only is his instrumentation on point but the quality of the production is astounding, considering that all he’s working on is an outdated laptop and some gaming headphones. What he’s playing could rival industry professionals. This makes no sense to me. I was trained to think that making quality music was all about using the best gear that money could buy. How can you achieve such results with nothing but the basics? Lord knows I don’t praise my brother often but that kid’s a genius and I’m more than grateful that he was able to open my eyes that evening. We made plans to collaborate on a project then I went home.

The next day I hit up my storage facility for one thing and one thing only. I already had my laptop and some headphones at home, but to record I needed a microphone. Thankfully, I’d purchased a Rode NT-USB over the years which I could plug straight into the laptop without needing all the other grand bits of studio gear. I took that home and picked up my projects where I left off. Surprisingly, I was able to work quite efficiently thanks to the skills I’d picked up over the years. I completed the collaboration project with my brother and I went on to produce several other tracks to test whether or not the results of my first attempts at producing on a budget were reliable. That brings us to…

The present day.

I have saved so many songs that I’ve written in my lyric library, and if I waited until I’d recorded them all to release anything then I would be posting this in 2031. Why not live in the moment? I’ve compiled 7 of my tracks into a project that’s available to stream on Soundcloud. The EP is called Chief and you can find it either on my music page or at Any follows, likes, comments and reposts would be appreciated if you believe in the product. My story is far from finished but I’m hoping that I inspire anyone else reading this to be able to turn their life around as well. If I can do it then you can too. Let’s turn shit into sugar.


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