Man, it’s been a minute. Life really doesn’t go easy on you and I can say that from experience. This past year has been all sorts of crazy for me and I hated putting my ambitions on hold. I had a lot of learning to do, as well as some personal struggles to deal with, but that’s all out of the way now.

I’m here telling you that my hiatus is over and productivity is being turnt up to 11. I may not have been active but my time wasn’t wasted. I spent a lot of it doing research to better my craft and I’ve invested in quality gear that should help me to produce better music. Let it be known that there is now a Shaman Chief home studio. Check it.

JBL monitor setup with Behringer UMC404HD and Arturia Keylab 88 Black Edition

For anyone interested, I’m running a Rode K2 microphone to record my vocals. Initially I had a Rode NT-USB but the K2 sounds leagues better, thanks to its valve technology. If you’re considering buying one, I highly recommend it.

My monitor setup consists of a pair of JBL LSR305’s and the matching JBL LSR310S subwoofer. I also recently bought an Arturia Keylab 88. Ya boy gon’ learn how to play piano. Watch this space.

Rode K2 microphone and SM6 shockmount, held up by a Monoprice Stage Right isolation shield and Ultimate Support Pro-ST weighted stand

Let’s catch up

I recently went to Brighton for a production lesson with De$ignated. I know him from when we used to go to school together, so luckily getting in touch wasn’t an issue. He’s great at what he does and I’m thankful for the knowledge he was kind enough to provide me. You can find him on YouTube or just about anywhere online. His stuff is amazing. If production is something you want to get into then get in touch with him. He’ll sort you out.

I’ve been writing consistently and I have a lot of material I’ll be recording over the next few months. One song I actually recorded with De$ignated on the day of my lesson. It’s funny how it happened. He says we’re gonna craft a song from scratch so he can walk me through the production process. I’m like, “Ite then. Let’s do it.” We were so casual about it. I kid you not, we were just messing about throwing anything together as a sort of demonstration of what to do in the studio. Thing is, the song we came up with turnt out to be wicked. He quickly threw a beat together in what must have been five minutes. Shit was fire. He tells me to write lyrics to what I hear. I’m grooving and penning things down. Now comes time to record. I step up to his mic (A Rode NT2-A. Noticing a trend?) and spit my bars. I wasn’t expecting it to be fire at all. I wasn’t expecting anything special but… Just listen to 2 STEP FLEX. The track will speak for itself.

Now back in my own studio I’m hard at work these days. I just recently finished producing my track Take You Home, which was only made possible thanks to my dedication to learning how to sing. I’m so glad I committed myself to that because it now opens so many doors for me and my artistry. I no longer have to be that guy who can rap like a don but can’t hold a note to save his life. Embarrassing, right?

I’ve met so many more talented people along my travels as well. I’m good friends with a new artist who goes by the name of Kaian. We’ve jammed together and I’ve helped him write songs here and there. We’re actually making plans to record the last song we wrote together in my studio. If you wanna show him some love, I’ll link you to his song Dangerous. 


So as you can see, things are getting done and it’ll only get better from here. I have plans to get into songwriting professionally as well as producing. If you’re an artist or if you know an artist that wants to get in the booth then holla at ya boy. I’m dealing with aaalladat.

Apologies for this turning out to be such a long post. This is only the beginning though.

Chief out.


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    1. Thank you. I identify more with being dedicated though. It’s only through nurturing my skills and working on improvement day in and day out did I ever get to this level, and I’ll probably still continue to improve going forward. I will never make out like I was just born with talent. A lot of work went into this. I invested a lot of time and even money to get to where I am today, and you know what? It’s finally paying off

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